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Rabbi Johnny Ouzzan

Founder & Director

Rabbi Johnny grew up in Toronto, Canada in a French Sephardic family, the eldest of six boys. The schooling system and community prompted him and his family to take on greater Jewish observance, eventually leading Rabbi Johnny to enroll in a full-time Yeshiva in Jerusalem known as Kol Torah. 

In 2010, after studying in the Yeshiva for 5 years, Rabbi Johnny married Devorah Lugassy, also from Toronto, after which the couple decided to move back to Israel and invest the first few years of their married life into Jewish learning and education. Upon culminating an intensive 3 years of Rabbinical study at the Jerusalem Kollel led by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits, Rabbi Johnny received his Rabbinic ordination and was offered a job in Houston, Texas to serve as Assistant Rabbi for Congregation Beth Rambam, and Director of Young Professional Outreach for TORCH. After 5 and a half years at TORCH, Rabbi Johnny transitioned into a full-time marketing and outreach position with Congregation Beth Rambam and founded J-HYPE - Jewish Houston Young Professionals Experience.  

Find Rabbi Johnny at your local coffee shop or at Beth Rambam giving classes or schmoozing with Jewish YP's and students.


Devorah Ouzzan

Devorah began her teaching career as an Early Childhood teacher in  Toronto,  Canada.  She completed her four year Bachelor ’s degree in Social  Development Studies from Waterloo University and has taken many professional development courses and classes in education.  Devorah has found her passion working as a Judaic studies teacher for elementary grades and has over 9 years experience educating children. Devorah now serves as the youth director at Congregation Beth Rambam and runs kids programming on Shabbat and the holidays together with Rabbi  Johnny.


Devorah is the director of Camp Ruach, a Jewish summer camp, and is the Director of Beth Rambam’s Sunday Hebrew School Program and is a proud mother of four incredible children.


Taste her delicious food at your next J-HYPE Shabbat dinner! 


Rabbi Menachem Bresler

Menachem was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He studied in Beis Midrash Toras Chesed of Lakewood NJ, the prestigious Mir Yeshiva in Israel & then BMG. Menachem has a passion for outreach & involvement with jews of all backgrounds. In November 2016, Menachem & his wife Chayi moved to Houston to join the Houston Kollel & be more involved in jewish education. They have 3 beautiful kids and feel privileged to be part of such a warm community.


Rus Wersing

Rus Wersing, a native of Northern California, finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan in music performance. Upon graduation, she moved to Israel where she studied and worked at Neve Yerushalayim and began pursuing her Masters in Music at the Jerusalem Academy of Music.

While in Israel, Rus met her incredible husband, Aaron, who was studying in Yeshivat Nesivos Ahron. Rus taught in several Israeli high school music conservatories and performed with local Jerusalem orchestras before accepting a position with jInternship.com where she worked as an Internship Coordinator for three years.

In 2013, Rus moved with her husband and daughter to Houston, TX, for Aaron to pursue a career in law. Three years later, Rus was recruited by Aaron’s federal employment law firm, Pines Federal, where she works as the Disability Department Supervisor. Rus enjoys long-distance running and cycling, Jewish self-development courses, and most of all spending time with her husband and three rambunctious kids.

She is excited to have joined the J-HYPE team working with Jewish young professionals in Houston. Join Rus for Shabbat meals at her home or on Monday evenings for one-on-ones or group learning!

Rus can be reached at her email address, ruswersing@gmail.com



Julie Yarimi

Julie Yarimi grew up in Boca Raton, FL—the other sunshine state. From selling items on eBay to becoming an early Instagram influencer, Julie held an innate curiosity for the internet and media. She moved to New York City to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management at SY Syms School of Business. Julie landed her first dream job in Marketing after connecting with a professional in a HIIT class!

The job was incredibly fitting, yet “the corporate world” challenged her religious practices. The decision to leave was unquestionable and surprisingly unmoving. Two weeks later, Julie was offered a position at a premier Jewish school in the heart of Manhattan. Each year, she undertook another administrative role, passionate in learning more and unifying with the mission.

Right before the pandemic, Julie met her husband, Jonathan. After only a few months, instead of putting a “Bid Offer,” she agreed to “Buy it Now,” marrying him with a total of 18 people at their wedding. Julie and Jonathan moved to Houston in July 2020, for Jonathan to continue his training in Pediatric Neurology.

Julie continues to work for the school part-time, as the novel idea of working remotely became a blessed possibility. She is thrilled to have joined the J-HYPE team, following her desire to meet, surround, and connect with Jews!