We make our classes accessible by hosting them in people's homes in the predominately young areas of Houston, such as Montrose, Midtown and Rice Military. Our students open up their homes and the Rabbi brings in a delicious dinner and leads a very enlightening and relevant discussion, often having to do with modern moral and ethical dilemmas, or current events. This is an exclusive group, where everyone has a voice and all opinions are heard and respected. At the end of the discussion the rabbi will share a Torah idea that is associated with the topic at hand. To join a home study group, please contact Rabbi Johnny at rabbi@jhype.org

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Our staff is mobile and happy to meet you anytime anywhere for schmoozing, learning, or both!

Our city is fortunate to have an amazing organization and resource for Torah learning and that is the Kollel of Houston Torah Center. The Kollel is a fellowship of young married Torah scholars who dedicate their entire day to learning Torah, and giving of their time in the evenings for teaching members of the community. J-HYPE is proud to partner with the Kollel for connecting our students looking for a more immersive and text-based learning experience. The Kollel also hosts a weekly Thursday night "Mishmar" learning program where students are connected with Rabbis for one to one Torah learning. Delicious cholent is provided free of charge! To be connected with a study partner at the Kollel, please contact the director Rabbi Moshe Friedman at mfriedman@kollelhouston.org